QiPress : Display Real-Time Keystrokes and Mouse-Clicks on Screen : Latest Version


What's new in v1.075:

User Translation:

  • Pro users can display their own custom translations in any language for a vast list of keyboard keys
  • And hide keys of their choice to be never displayed (e.g. Start-Stop recording keys, PrintScreen)
  • Check out the options at Settings > Keys > User Translation
  • Lite (Free version) users can try out the feature by clicking Settings > Try/Buy > Try Pro Version


  • Nudge the main display out of the way when cursor comes near
  • Absolute uninterrupted view of the area where the main display usually resides
  • In line with the deep customizations already available with QiPress, this behaviour can be turned on/off by the user

QiPress is a portable Windows program that displays key-presses and mouse-clicks on the screen. Don't waste your time anymore on discussing the mundane (what keys you pressed on the keyboard). With ability to control which key-strokes to display, it is a must-have tool for software product demos, screencasts and screen recordings.

    Basic Features

    Live display of keys being typed

    Mouse-click display

    Works with all programs
    (incl. Blender, Photoshop, SketchUp, etc.)

    Record in a video

    Visible in live-streaming

    Customize keys to display

    Display key-holds

    Position it anywhere on screen

    Customize background color, text size/color

    Customize opacity, fade times

    Display your name

    This is not the full list!

    Advanced Features

    Customize history to display

    Various keyboards supported
    (incl. US English, German, Spanish, French, etc.)

    Display additional keysets
    (incl. Number Pad, Multimedia Keys, etc.)

    Precision positioning (pixel-level)

    Display company logo with LogoBug

    Multi-monitor support

    Timer and clock display

    Customize background bitmap (PNG)

    Shortcut keys for various features

    Rotating display name
    (customize rotation time)

    Tons of tweaks on how the display behaves

    This is not the full list!

    Bonus Features

    Mouse icon with visible clicks
    (2 types)

    Halo around the cursor for easy visibility
    (3 types)

    Scribble on screen
    (8 customizable pens)

    Live display of:
    Cursor co-ordinates
    Hex RGB value of pixel under the pointer
    Magnification window

    PC functions:
    Send periodic keystrokes to keep PC from sleeping
    Wrap mouse at screen edges
    Disable mouse when typing
    Lock keyboard
    Scheduled PC shutdown

    This is not the full list!

    About the App

    Works on Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7
    (might even work on the ancient Windows XP)

    No installation required

    Can be used without admin access on the PC

    Settings stored in .ini file, just copy and re-use

    Footprint less than 1MB

    Detailed help file

    Well structured menus and settings panels

    Best used for software demos, live trainings, video trainings, live streaming, game-plays

    Built for developers, designers, engineers and business users



    All basic features and some bonus features

    Can switch to Pro version for 7 minutes
    (unlimited switches)

    Free for personal, non-commercial use only

    Recommended for newbies, trial users

    Loved by the world


    All basic, advanced and bonus features

    Required for all other uses, including videos posted on services like YouTube

    Over 200 customizable parameters
    (but don't be overwhelmed, it plays nicely
    out-of-the-box, just modify what you want)

    Recommended for professionals

    Loved by pros in:
    Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK and US


    Download 32/64-bit common exe for Windows as a zipped file

    Use "Try Pro Version" option in the Lite version to know what the Pro version has to offer (this option can be used unlimited times)

    If Windows Defender does not recognize the file on your PC and blocks it, you can run it anyway. It may help if you run the app as administrator.

    Important! Because of a major program restructure, settings previous to v1.075 will be lost! Apologies, but it was necessary to make way for exciting features in v1.075 and forward.

    Lite ↔ Trial Pro

    Lite + License = Pro

    Password of zip Download = 0000

    Download Lite 

    Purchase License 

    How to Use [Video 1/2]
    How to Use [Video 2/2]
    Keystroke Display [Animated]
    Customize Colour
    Customize Font
    Customize Size
    Customize Opacity
    Koji N.
    This is exactly my ideal software. The interaction with you for the past few days is a very memorable experience in my life.
    Geoff P.
    Great program. Best by a mile of all keystroke indicator programs.
    Giorgio B.
    I bought some days ago the pro license. I'm using the program and it is very good.
    Marcelo F. B.
    It is perfect!
    Tim P.
    Thank you very much for your excellent customer service! I'm impressed by the speed of your bugfix releases.
    Massimo B.
    Thanks for your software, that’s the best I have tried.
    Simon W.
    The licence is working great, thanks for the useful software!
    Mladen R.
    I used to put my logo in the recordings using Camtasia, I now use logo bug in my live webinars just in case someone is recording. Thanks for that added bonus in QiPress.
    Thomas M.
    Thank you and great job on QiPress. I have been trialing it for best part of a year and haven't found anything close it as comprehensive as this. Many thanks for your hardwork.
    Jie L.
    Really a nice software for making tutorials. Well done!
    Harald H. H.
    Autowords is absolutely the feature I was looking for. And the info expression in the history like "Ctrl+A" or "Win+E" is simply perfect.
    Teela C.
    Excited to use QiPress for all of my future PC-specific courses and videos.

    QiPress Versions:

    Lite Version:

    • Extensive list of keys can be displayed on-screen
    • Converts to Pro Trial version on demand
    • Converts to Pro version after applying license
    • Free for personal non-commercial uses only

    Pro Version:

    • Loads of additional tools for graphic designers, tutors, presentations (see QiPress Capabilities below)
    • A Pro Version License is required for all uses not falling in categories covered under the Lite version, can be used in commercial environments.
    • You can try out the Pro Trial version (part of Lite Version) before you purchase.


    QiPress Capabilities [Exhaustive List, Read Fully to Enjoy the App]:

    Out of the box, QiPress is set to run with options that most users would want. For the ones who want more, QiPress is deeply configurable with over 200 setting options, all accessible in a very intuitive structure.

    Keyboard Features - Keystroke Display:

    • Choose what keys to display, and what to ignore:
      • Modifiers (Win, Ctrl, Alt, Shift), differentiate between Left-hand and Right-hand modifiers
      • Standard Keys, (A, B, C, !, @, #, ...)
      • Mouse Clicks (including Left, Right, Middle click, double-click and triple-clicks; X1 and X2 buttons; Mouse-Wheel Up, Down, Left and Right
      • Number keys and math operators - can differentiate between normal and NumPad keys
      • Cursor Control - Arrow Up, Down, Left and Right
      • Function Keys (F1, F2, F3, ...)
      • Special Keys such as Enter, Space, Tab, BackSpace, Del, Esc, Ins, Pause, PrintScr
      • Toggle Keys (NumLock, CapsLock, ScrollLock)
    • Special customization to show keystrokes only when used in combination with modifiers
    • Built-in support for the following keyboard inputs:
      • English (UK and US)
      • Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
      • French, French (Swiss), German, German (Swiss)
      • Gujarati, Hindi
      • Japanese, Korean
      • Spanish, Portuguese
      • Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
    • User-updatable translation in any language (absolutely not limited to the build-in support),  for ~116 keys (Modifiers, Toggles, Function Keys, Special Keys, practically everything!)
    • Deeply customizable display:
      • Customizable key-history (history depth, color, clear automatically)
      • Separate display bars for Modifiers and actual key pressed, crystal-clear communication
      • Customizable background (color, image), text (font, size, color)
      • Customizable style (fade in/out, display duration, opacity, width)
      • Drag and place anywhere or precision-placement to the pixel on any monitor
      • Nudge function moves the display out of the way (only if you want, via a setting option) on mouse approach, for unobstructed view of that area of the monitor when you want it.

    Mouse Features - Text and Graphical Display:

    Not only are the mouse clicks displayed in the keystroke display panel, there are two ways of graphically displaying the mouse and its clicks on the screen:

    • Visual Mouse - Mouse Icon is the modern way of displaying the mouse that follows the cursor on the screen, and shows all the mouse actions on the screen - Left, Right, Middle, X1 and X2 clicks, Wheen Up, Down, Left, Right. Not only are the size and opacity customizable, but also the colors of each button!
    • Visual Mouse - Rings is the traditional way, where Rings are shown for each button clicked. Size, opacity and colors are customizable.

    Marketing Features:

    • On the main keystroke display panel, you can add text (and format it specially) that is displayed permanently along with the live keystrokes. You can add multiple text, which cycles in the display for a duration that you set.
    • LogoBug - just like the TV channels, LogoBug adds an image (supports transparency in PNG images), maybe your company logo, to any part of the screen. Shows up even when you are live streaming - that's a Pro!

    Graphic Designer Features:

    • Cross-hair - very useful to pixel-perfect line-up things horizontally or vertically.
    • Mouse co-ordinates - show precise position of the mouse pointer (X, Y coordinates), and pixel color (Hex, RGB, HSL, HSV or CMYK formats).
    • Make any window on your screen "always on top", will never hide behind other windows, useful when you want to use some image for reference.

    Presentation Features:

    • Scribble directly on the screen, 8 pens, each pen customizable for color, thickness.
    • Cursor Halo allows the mouse pointer to be distinctly visible on the screen. Spotlight feature darkens the whole screen except the area around the mouse.
    • Hide keystrokes with simple Hotkey when typing a password.
    • Magnify a part of the screen (this part uses OS tools - why reinvent the wheel).

    Geeky Features:

    • Allows pasting in Windows Cmd prompt using Ctrl+V.
    • Wrap mouse movement at screen edges (moving extreme left or right of the first or last monitor, jumps the mouse over to the other end; same with top/bottom).
    • Disable accidental activation of CapsLock (and NumLock or ScrollLock if you want).
    • Set a timer to shut down your computer (after your estimated time of a big download, maybe?).
    • Customizable short-cuts for computer operations (Sleep, Hibernate, Powerdown, ...).
    • Show Timers and Clock in the Keystroke Display.
    • Qiffeine to keep the computer from going to sleep.
    • Typing sound when pressing the keys.
    • Keep a watch on how much you use the keyboard.

    Very light on your Computer:

    • This is a portable application (<2MB), installation is not required (useful on computers that users do not have administrator privileges on).
    • Very clean and compact interface, takes minimal space on the screen yet shows detailed display of what you do with your keyboard or mouse. Gets out of your way (hides or moves away, your choice) when you don't need it.

    I have had issues with PayPal link in July 2020, but they should be working correctly now. If you face any issues, please write to me at shah dot aalap at gmail dot com (replace dot and at with actual symbols).


    Purchase in USD

    Please try out the Pro Trial version (part of Lite Version downloadable from this website) on the system you want Pro Version License for. You can switch to Pro Trial Version and try out the Pro functions for a short duration. Once you are satisfied, you can proceed to purchase:

    1. Send your system details by email (the email address used on your end will be used for all communications, including software license delivery).
      • Run QiPress on the system for which you require the Pro license.
      • Send your unique system identification by doing one of the following:
        • Follow System Tray > Try/Buy > Buy Pro Version
        • Follow System Tray > (About | Dedication | QiMeter) > License > Try/Buy > Buy Pro Version
        • Follow System Tray > (About | Dedication | QiMeter) > License > Copy System Id to Clipboard, paste this information in an email and send it to qipress dot info at gmail dot com.
      For your convenience, the "Buy Pro" link on the Licensing tab noted above will open the default email client on your Windows system with all details auto-filled, ready for you to just hit the "Send" button.
    2. Make payment through PayPal:
    3. A zipped retail copy of the software or a license file will be sent to you through email within 2 working days of confirmed payment receipt and receipt of unique system id information required to generate the license.
    4. If for any reason the Pro license cannot be generated from the system information you have sent, the payment will be fully refunded.
    Terms & Conditions

    Once the license has been issued, I cannot cancel the license or issue refunds. The purpose of Pro Trial is to allow users to try and test the Pro version before making a purchase.

    1. Each Pro license of a particular version of QiPress (i.e. 1.{n}) + 9 subversions (i.e. 1.{n+9}) (example 1.074 to 1.083), is locked to a system with no time limit, irrespective of the number of users using that system.
    2. Important Note: QiPress Pro License is locked to the system (hardware and operating system). If there are major hardware changes or a new operating system is installed, QiPress Pro will switch over to the Lite version just for this system, and a new or transferred license will be required for this system to activate the Pro features. A storage disk change (HDD, SSD or any other) does not affect QiPress Pro License, you can change the storage disk on your system at any time, and the Pro license will still work.
    3. Please note that the QiPress Pro License is non-transferable. In other words, the license can be transferred neither to other systems, nor to other licensees.
    4. In case you purchase multiple licenses, you may defer obtaining license files for one or more systems to any time in future. The future licenses will be sent to you starting from the then prevalent version.
    5. Please also be noted that I cannot guarantee that all features of QiPress Pro will work on future systems, as there may be unsupported hardware or OS.
    6. I reserve the right to revoke a license or license transfer if it is found that the license has been misused.
    7. QiPress Lite Version is free for personal, non-commercial uses only. A Pro Version License is required for all other uses.
    8. To give you a fair idea of the number of changes I make, there are anywhere between 1 to 3 subversion changes per year. In future, it may be more, it may be less, I cannot say.