QiPress v1.073 for Windows

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The smartest, feature-rich and the most beautiful on-screen keystrokes displayer by far!

QiPress is a portable Windows program that displays key-presses and mouse-clicks on the screen. Don't waste your time anymore on discussing the mundane (what keys you pressed on the keyboard). With ability to control which key-strokes to display, it is a must-have tool for software product demos, screencasts and screen recordings.

Key features are:
1) The keyboard input display takes minimal space on screen, hides automatically when you don't need it.
2) Some very useful functions are included in the application, like cursor highlight, visual mouse-clicks on screen, cursor co-ordinates and pixel color on screen.
3) Highly customizable, over 15+ pages of settings! Runs perfectly out-of-the-box, but lets you customize when you want it.
4) Supports various keyboards (over 20 and counting) including English US/UK, German, Swedish, Spanish, French, Swiss German, Japanese, Ukrainian and many more...
5) Keeps the audience focused on the actual events on the screen, but lets them refer to the log of keys pressed at a corner if required.

QiPress How-To Videos by Tsukasa Yamato:
Tsukasa Yamato is a Pro user and has created these QiPress How-To videos, which will help users understand the basics and usage of some slightly advanced features. A big shout-out and thanks to you, Tsukasa!

QiPress Video by NVSM: Glenn (NVSM) is a Pro user and has been very kind to create QiPress video describing some settings. Thank you Glenn!

QiPress Versions:
Lite Version: (with most of the features for on-screen key display) Support
The Lite version is free for personal, non-commercial uses only.
Pro Version: (with some advanced functions) Buy Now
A Pro Version License is required for all uses not falling in categories covered under the Lite version.

Please try out the Pro Trial version first (part of Lite version downloadable from this website) on the system you want Pro Version License for.

Features (Lite | Pro)
1) Display any key pressed on keyboard, including standard, toggles (Num, Caps, Scroll lock), mouse-buttons, modifiers (Win, Ctrl, Shift, Alt) and more, deactivate/activate keys of your choice.
2) Portable, works out of a removable drive on any Windows system
3) Easy drag to position, click-through
4) Set display style: background and text color, size, transparency
5) Multiple branding text to display your website, company's name or your name
6) Count keystrokes with built-in QiMeter, useful to know if you are overdoing keyboard usage. ... and many more!

Advanced Features (Pro)
1) Visualize mouse-click (left, middle, right, X1 and X2 buttons), as well as mouse-wheel (up, down, left and right), with icon that follows the mouse pointer.
2) Display history
3) Advanced display style: customizable background image and text font, rounded corners, customizable date-time display, customizable volume bar, count-up timer
4) Multi-monitor support, with precision-positioning controls
5) Display A-Z keystrokes in true case, extended keys (ä, é, õ, û, ©, µ and more)
6) Danish, Finnish, French, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Hebrew, Japanese (Hiragana and Katakana), Norwegian, Spanish (Latin-American), Turkish (F and Q keyboards), Swedish, Ukranian and Vietnamese keyboards and input methods supported
7) Display double-triple mouse left-middle-right mouse button clicks, key hold detection
8) Support for LogoBug (or Display On-screen Graphic is a watermark-like logo with broadcaster name on a typical TV screen, extended to the computer now) with customizable image and useful transformation controls (PNG alpha-channel support, positioning, transparency, flip and rotate).
9) Scribble on screen
10) Fully customizable CursorHalo (halo around the mouse pointer) with visual mouse-clicks (see left, right and middle mouse-clicks as visual rings on screen).
11) Customizable Disable Time - QiPress disables (does not display keystrokes) for a specified time and automatically enables, allowing you to input your password without revealing it to the audience during demos.
12) Qiffeine - keeps your computer awake by sending virtual keystrokes - a useful function for system administrators.
13) QiManager - sets hotkeys for major system actions like shut down, hibernate, restart.
14) QiLock - with customizable hotkeys to lock/unlock the keyboard (not the computer).
15) Sound support - sounds to notify activation/deactivation.
16) Toggle keys status as System Tray icon
17) Choose symbols instead of text (▲ instead of Up, ✉ instead of Launch_Mail, and some)
18) Capture tooltips from other application windows and show them in QiPress main display
19) Wrap mouse movement at screen edges ... and many more!

QiPress Downloads also available at (may not be latest versions though):

And yes, QiPress still runs out of a removable drive, if you want. There is no installation process, just true plug-n-play! We hope you will find the program very useful. QiPress Pro users are mainly in the fields of graphic design and engineering design, and reside in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK and US.